We are so excited to launch the new mobile friendly website for Advanced Medical Services. We have enjoyed partnering with the AMS leadership team for over 10 years on digital marketing strategies and taking new services to market! Together we developed a strategy to promote Advanced Medical Services to the local Cleveland community. The website launched last week and we have already received multiple appointment booking form submissions. Some of the strategies we used to develop the website are as follows:

Platform: WordPress, we LOVE WordPress! The platform is completely customization, simple for our clients to update (with training of course) and mobile friendly.

Plugins and Enhanced Functionality: We made a couple of enhancements to the functionality of our new website. The entire goal of the website is to drive sales, to get more appointments booked! First, we used our beloved ContactForm7 to create a form for all services available. With ContactForm7, we integrated an enhanced calendar scheduling application for prospecting patients to request a time for their appointment.

Heavy Call to Actions: The goal of the website is to get more leads, that said we heavily integrated the “Book an Appointment” Call to Actions through-out the website

Pop-up: Didn’t find what you are looking for? Wait! Before you go pop-up, captures leads just before they exit the website. Last chance offers will be featured in this area as well as targeted content for specific users.

Chat Bot: Have a question but don’t have the time to call the office – that’s OK! We have an online chat bot here on the website to answer any questions! All chats are logged and reviewed on a weekly basis. At the end of the week, we meet with the team to review strategies that converted and ones that didn’t!

Video is King! Our client loves video! We captured some fantastic broll and used it in the banner to show the visitors what goes on behind the scenes at the lab. Science is beautiful 🙂

Overall, the website has been a great success! The user experience is top notch and the lead generation has already proven to be a great return on investment!

Check them out: www.advancedmedserv.com

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