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Willovu owners Jim and Marianne have been our clients since 2007.  They are wonderful people and own great properties throughout Lake County.  We have had the privilege of building their original website for WilloVu when they first purchased the property in 2007, the site looked like this, not too shabby for ’07!


We were so excited when Jim and Marianne called us a few months ago and wanted a new website! We jumped at the opportunity to get involved and immediately started making recommendations.  First, an action bar at the top of their site.  One click to contact and one click to get directions is critical for the future prospecting tenants.  See action bar here:

A second recommendation that we made was to improve the floor plans.  We redesigned them completely so that they were an accurate reflection of the property.  Here is a before and after!

Lastly, we felt it was critical to have the entire application available for completion online.  We had a couple of really great credit application partners who we worked with to make this a simple process for the prospecting tenant and also for Jim and Marianne, the landlords. Our online application is mobile friendly and simple to use!



The website went live July 31st and we had our first website lead August 1st! AMAZING. We are thrilled with the outcome and now executing a very targeted marketing campaign to fill up those vacancies with the right tenants!