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Bob Dowd is an established, seasoned public speaking coach who has spent many years training corporate sales teams, community leaders and united way ambassadors how to communicate effectively, inspire and influence to their audiences to make an action!  Bob came to us looking for a website that did just that, reach a targeted audience and drive them to make an action!


Utilizing Mr. Dowd’s very comprehensive contact list from Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and business cards he had collected over the years – we built a strong audience in Hubpot for his messaging strategy.  With Hubspot free CRM, we utilized MailChimp to send out very targeted messages to his audience driving them back to his website and blog.

Additionally we featured strong, prominent call to actions on his website.  A social campaign was also established with Facebook marketing and a targeted ad campaign delivered outstanding sales lead results!


Mr. Dowd experienced a 30% increase in sales leads coming from his website and social campaigns.  We are now exploring video marketing methods to reach more audiences.