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Bravado has launched a fresh, exciting new San Francisco Stir Fry, a local-based fast-casual restaurant that’s rapidly growing in popularity.

The challenge was that San Fransisco’s  website and online ordering were not driving customers to the business.

The business was not effectively engaging and attracting customers online.


Bravado performed a detailed SWOT analysis to understand strengths, identify any weakness and uncover any threats and opportunities for the restaurant locations. The team then developed a digital transformation strategy a plan to implement the growth strategy.

The strategy was to improve the online presence across digital platforms and locally, engage effectively with the customer base, attract new customers and drive repeat visits and customer loyalty.

Within 4 weeks, we launched the new, mobile friendly website!



Here are the results within the first 90 days of the initiative:

– Rapid customer email list growth.

– An increase in social media engagement.

Active reputation management is done now by responding to immediate customer feedback.

With a combination of digital strategy + web design + marketing, Stir Fry is positioned to continue on a growth trajectory with its marketing function supporting the business growth plans. The Bravado team continues to be the marketing partner in Stir Fry’s success.